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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Addicted To Love- pt.5 (The Rider)

    Being in love is a great feeling. I am full of him right now, even more so, I am addicted. Everything about my knight in shinning armor is captivating. His smile, the way he talks, the way he lavishes attention upon me, and his presence...oh yes, his presence. Whenever he enters a room, his presence commands attention. People take instant notice to him. Women swarm to his side like bees to honey, and men shake his hand, as if they are members joined together to a secret society of prowlers. Some hate on him, while others wish they could trade places. He rises mix emotions in people. He is an international business man who travels all over the world trading liquid gold, but it wasn't always like that. My knight came from a wealthy successful family who had built their empire on oil and government abuse. They had risen to the top of the food chain, while the people under them suffered. The birth place where my knight came from, has been torn and divided by poverty, war crimes, and government corruption. In order for my knight's family to have survived the desperate conditions in that part of Africa, his people made alliances with European settlers. Other tribal groups in the area did not go for that, they wanted to rid their land of the pale face invaders who had come among them, ripping their land, people, and culture apart, so they fought in rebellion. It was a major division among the various tribes. My knight's family and their tribe  had decided to form a partnership with the European settlers, as a result of this union, they benefited in ways that the other groups did not. While working under European influence, select tribes gained advance education, and some even inter-married with the pale face settlers. My knight's tribe grew in number, as well as influence. They were considered the superior ones among other neighboring tribes in the area because of their level of education and their exposure to the first world as they called it. My knight's family land was sitting on oil, something very valuable to the settlers, and something they also wanted. Instead of fighting them off of their land to get what they had wanted, the settlers proposed an offer that obviously became a treaty among them; however, it made my knight's family and other local tribes enemies. 

    Many years has past since that treaty was signed in blood, but the effects were still very much present. The part of South Africa where my knight came from has been saturated with violence and war over social stratification brought on by the control of basic necessity. Major oil companies have drilled pipe lines through local villages where people live. Violent gangs have killed many innocent people, including women and children, in order to make a political statement. These war criminals have set fire to major oil refineries that have driven pipes through their lands in hopes of discouraging their company from making profit. The land is wealthy, but the people who live there are poor and living below their means, it wasn't so with my knight and his family. The alliance that was made in the earlier century secured them. Though he was not born when all of that took place, he still became a beneficiary of the promise that was made. My future father and brother in-law became top government leaders of South Africa. With such power and influence over the country they were able to dictate where the wealth was going and to whom. Many people and their families were not seeing the wealth, mainly because favoritism was being shown to those who belong to the so call royal class, or those with superior education. These select group of tribes had special ties to the Euro society and the Euro dollar. In which my knight's family had. They had no worries, they had it all. They were educated, wealthy, taught how to be civilized, and they owned oil...lots of it. This made enemies and caused bad blood between them and other neighboring tribes. The fat cats of South Africa soon became targets of the people anger and frustration. The lower class people and the underdogs began fighting for freedom and their right to their piece of the pie. One day, an angry mob of protesters stormed my knight's family mansion and burned it down to the ground while chanting, "Freedom from Apartheid, freedom for our land, freedom to our people!!!" It was no longer safe for their family to live in South Africa, so they fled to Europe, where they lived in exile for many years until it was safe to return to their home again. My knight was only two years old when he and his family escaped to Europe. Over there he grew up and went to private school. As he got older, he was groomed into the family lucrative business, and now the mantle of the family legacy has fallen upon him.

    As he slapped on a generous amount of aftershave, he began tugging at the jacket of his double breasted pin stripe suit making last minute adjustments to his appearance. He is off to a meeting with an investor who is looking to buy top quality crude oil. He had already sent a ship ahead of him carrying six containers to New Orleans. He had already closed the deal on that bid and made another fortune in the process. In two weeks time he will be arriving to the United States, New Orleans, Louisiana will be his first stop, then he's off to Houston, Texas. "I have unfinished business to take care of," he thought to himself, as he stared at the picture he took of her on his last visit there, "...and this time I hope she's ready." Perhaps if I send her a little motivation before I arrive, I won't have too much to say, he thought. I'm a business man who presents an offer, invest in what I want, and at the end I expect to close the deal. I see no difference when it comes to women. As long as they're getting what they want out of the deal, and I get what I want, everyone goes home happy. Which reminds me, I need to call Esperanza, this Cuban hottie that I met in San Francisco, California. Her name speaks for itself, I just hope she is as easy as she looks. Damn, that girl is super fine!

    My knight in shinning armor recently call to tell me that he would be arriving in Houston in less than two weeks. I am excited! For days I have been walking around my apartment giddy, and smiling at everything. I have fallen deeply in love with him. He is the absolute choice I want in a man. He's perfect in every way. Since he left the states, he has made sure that I didn't have to be behind the wheel of another cab again. He wired a generous amount of money into my account on a regular basis, which help kept me a float. I was grateful to him for that. I was also able to move into a nicer apartment. I wasn't too much worried about not having a vehicle, since I was out of one after I no longer decided to drive cabs. I had a gut feeling that my knight wasn't going to allow me and his new daughter to go without one for too long. My knight has made a mark improvement into our lives. A faithful hard working man needed to be shown all the love he has given me in return. And I plan to do just that. This time I hold no resistance back from him. I want to make love to him, and I want him to make love to me. I want to go even further with him, I want to get married, and I am quite certain that he feels the same way that I do about him. "Should I tell him that I love him", I thought. I do love him and I want to spend the rest of our lives together. A strong urge came over me to make use of one of those numbers he had given me previously. I want to call him and tell him how I feel about him before he arrives, that way he would know just how serious I am about our relationship. I am ready to go to the next level.

    As I nervously began to dial his number, I felt a lump forming in my throat. I cleared my throat and swallowed hard...then suddenly the ringing stopped. "Well hello there, today must be my lucky day because you called." My heart beat was thumping so loud in my head, that I had to ease the phone away from my ear to hear him clearly. "Hi", I said to him, with a nervous calmness in my voice. How are you and my daughter doing? Are you guys Okay? Did you get the money I sent you? His British accent was heavy, and when he spoke fast, his words jumbled together which made it more difficult for me to clearly understand him. "Oh yes, thank you, I did receive the money that you sent to us", I said. As I built up the courage, I finally told him what was bubbling up on the inside of me. My words spilled out of me like a breaking dam. I told him how much I loved him, I told him that he meant the world to me, and I hope that he felt the same way about me. By the time I had finished talking, he knew where I stood. He listen to all I had to say without once interrupting me, however, he added no comment. He just simply said, "Okay, thanks for calling. I'll see you guys in a few days." As I hung up the phone, I felt relieved yet nervous all at the same time. I thought, soon my love will be here, and he picked the perfect time to come and see me too...Christmas.

    After five months of phone conversation, the moment has finally arrived. My knight was heading to Houston in less than two hours. It was the day before Christmas eve. I made sure that I kept my calendar clear and my schedule open for him. This is the moment that I had been anticipating for. The moment to be with the man I had grown to love. He captured my heart, now I was ready to give him more than just my heart and soul. I was ready to give him my body as well. He is the one for me, and I am sure that he feels the same way as I do. He told me that he loved my daughter as if she was his own. Even during one of our regular conversations, he mentioned that he wanted to adopt her. "Please for now own, do not have Destiny call me by my first name. I would like it if she called me Pappa", he said. I pondered over his request and took it to heart, I thought, surely if he wasn't serious about me, then why would he ask a personal thing such as that? On the night he arrived, he called me and said that he wanted to take me and my daughter out to dinner. "Be ready by 7:30", he said. As I hung up the phone, I notice that his tone was slightly rough. It didn't have its usual pleasantness to it. Some how, I manage to over look that, perhaps he has jet lag, I thought. After all, he just flown over thirteen hours to get here, and he's driving in Houston's traffic too...not a good combination. The poor fellow is just probably hungry and tired I reasoned, as I excused his sudden change in behavior. He pulled up in a sporty black Bentley when he arrived to my apartment complex. The Bentley that he was driving was a smaller version than the ones I am generally use to seeing. It looked sleek and elegant, yet sporty all at the same time. A sporty British car, fit for a sporty British man I thought. And my...did he look sporty and classy. My knight was wearing dark grey slacks with a medium crease running down the center of his legs. He also had on a classic white Polo shirt, layered with a brown, grey, and black vest underneath a chocolate colored blazer. The blazer had grey elbow patches on the back of them. He was looking smashing, as they would say back in the UK . As I entered into his car, my nose was greeted by the familiar scent I smelled on him when we first met. I was instantly taken back to that magical day, I could only hope that at this moment, we could re-kindle that magic again.

    We all sat in silence at the restaurant. My knight took us to another five star dining experience once again.We ate the best Texas steak dinner one could ever imagine. And it wouldn't have been a great steak dinner without a basket of buttery crunchy Texas toast on the side. The silence was killing my mood. My daughter didn't seem to mind that it was rather quiet at our table compared to all the other tables. She was too preoccupied with all of her expensive Christmas gifts she just had received from her new found Pappa. People were chatting and laughing all around us, needless to say that the holiday cheer was everywhere, except at our table. I decided to break the silence, "So, how was your flight?" He looked up from his plate of food only to respond briefly that it was a long flight, and that his body hasn't caught up with the time difference yet. After a few more attempts of small talk, I was ready to end the evening. He surely wasn't in no mood to talk, and to come to think of it, his mood has changed...drastically. Is this the same man I met five months ago? As the waitress approached our table, she asked if we wanted to have dessert..."no thank you, I pass", I said. The waitress looked at him, and he said the same thing. She then thanked us for coming out, and left the tab on the table. After we ate, and were very full, my knight asked us is there any other place that we would like to go, I told him no. When we pulled up to my apartment complex, I had my knight to wait downstairs for me while I escorted my daughter upstairs. "I'll be right back down", I said to him. As I walked off I said to my daughter, "I may be out a little late, so don't wait up okay" Are ya'll going back out, my daughter said to me? "Yes, just for a little while", I said. Oh...okay then, she said. "Bring me back something" Girl! I said laughing, "bring you back what?" "You already have a handful of gifts", I said to her. "Now lock the door, I see you later". It was nice and cool outdoors as I briskly walked back to his car. "I hope I didn't leave you waiting too long out here," I said to him, as I strapped up my seat belt. He slightly smiled at me, though his facial expression read his thoughts: Yeah, about five months too long you kept me waiting, he thought to himself as we drove off, but tonight the wait is over. Tonight this will all come to an end.  After that phone call she made to me a week ago, it through me off my game. I haven't felt the same about her again. She seem to not get it. The other women I have met along the way knew what time it was. I laced them up real good, and in return I'm given what I want. Hell...most of the time I win on the first day I meet a woman. That's the way I like it, and that is the way it's going to be. But Tasha  is different. She want more than I'm willing to give her. I mean...sure, I must admit...I fell for her situation and her daughter, but I'm not trying to wife her, or make any emotional commitments with any woman in the U.S. Tonight, I must make my move, then after I do, I got to cut her loose. On to new business in San Francisco. She has no idea what she have gotten herself into. I turned my head to look at the man I loved, but he seemed to have been caught up in deep thought. I wondered what on Earth was he thinking about. He had been acting very distant and aloof since he arrived. But none of that really mattered to me at that moment. What mattered, was what we were about to share between us that night. I was willing and ready to prove my love for him. I'm not like other women, once I give him that sacred part of me...getting rid of me won't be that easy...

Written By: LaTarsha Preciado
All Rights Reserved©