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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Addicted To Love- pt.6 (A Woman Scorned)

    His silence was questionable, and the atmosphere was sullen . I couldn't tell which was more colder,  his ill demeanor, or the winter chill outdoors. I was beginning to feel the effects of his sudden mood change, and I didn't quite like it. Everything had been going perfect from the start. He gave me every green light that showed me that our relationship was a go. Why was he withdrawn tonight I thought? We were driving along Westheimer heading 610 west. As we exited the highway, the Bentley drove three lights down before it hooked a sharp left onto a private road. The further we drove into what appeared to be a wooded trail, the busy street vanished. And there it was sitting, the four diamond Houstonian Hotel, Club and Spa laid nestled on 32,000 square feet of land. My eyes got rounder than two golf balls when the majestic forest revealed what was hiding in them. My knight had truly out done himself this time. This place was an elegant jewel located on 18 acres of wooded oasis in the heart of Houston. It was breathtaking, and needless to say that I was speechless. I no longer fretted over his rude boy attitude. I chalked it up to a random mood swing. Tonight was going to solidify the beginning of our commitment together.

    Before we got out of the vehicle, the vallet parking attendees were already doing what they do so well. One gentleman dressed in a black suit jacket with matching pants, and a white dress shirt proceeded to open the driver side door. "Welcome Mr. X, we are delighted you have chosen to stay with us on your visit." My knight emerged from his seat, shook the gentleman hand, and gave him the keys to the Bentley. Another parking attendee reached for my door and greeted me, "Good evening madam, welcome to the Houstonian, enjoy your stay with us. Thank you I said, as I grabbed onto his extended hand as he pulled me from the car. I looked over at my handsome knight, and saw him tip a generous sum of gratitude to the first guy who he handed the keys to. As we walked to the main entrance of the hotel, we were greeted by warm welcomes and grandiose fanfare by the concierges, and other general staff members. The manager then walked over to us, "Welcome, we are so pleased to accommodate  you both tonight", he said, as he personally began to handle the logistic of our reservation. I was impressed by the quality of excellence that held up to their reputation. Even more so, I enjoyed watching my man have them eating out of his hands. Once we got the keys to our room, we were then escorted to the presidential suite. As the door swung open to our suite, so did my mouth. Actually, my mouth dropped open. I couldn't believe my eyes,  it looked like Buckingham Palace was placed inside our room. The decor was magnificent, and the bed was surely fit for a king and his queen. Everything in there was over sized, from the massive spa quality tub, on down to the pillows. I have never experienced anything like it, nor have I gone to any place so grandeur before. The Marriot was the closest I've ever gotten to grandeur. Tonight was going to be magical after all I thought to myself.

    "I need to check my email and make a few business calls, please excuse me for a while," he said to me. "Sure, I'm going to go tour the place for a bit, then I'll come back up"  I had planned to soak in all the amenities that this place had to offer, starting with their world class spa called the Trellis. Nothing else got me into a relaxed mood other than a great spa treatment. The Trellis was an eight wonder in and of itself. The 17,000 square  foot spa, had twenty-one treatment rooms to indulge in. The moment I entered its premises, I was instantly transported to the Mediterraneans. The two story residential style building had a Mediterranean design to it. The salmon colored stucco on the outside set the tone to a spa experience like no other. The outdoor landscape exterior, was clothed in the beauty of natural botanical gardens and towering Palm trees. I remember smelling the intoxicating fragrant of Night Blooming Jasmines in the air. It was heaven on Earth. And I was the chosen Earth angel who was about to earn my wings tonight. It was time to fly and kiss the gods who have made all of this possible. I was beginning to get that urge, my drug of choice was calling out for me. In a matter of moments, I said to myself, I will be high off of his love. But first thing first, I had to prepare for him.

    I signed up for the Tranquil spa treatment. I was assigned to a private room whereby every delectable delight was at my finger tips. My private room was glowing in the ambiance of off white candles in every size. The soothing sound of tropical breezes and ocean waves were lightly looming in the air created by specialized music. The effects were so natural, I felt as if I was on a secluded island. I began undressing out of my clothes and slipped into a plush terry cotton white robe, with matching slippers. I walked over to the tray of assorted fruit and began munching on sweet strawberries, while pouring me a glass of sparkling wine, better known as champagne. After a few bites of fruit, I slipped out of my robe. I headed toward the massive spa tub and enjoyed a blissful hot spring Shiatsu bath. I remember every pleasurable senses coming alive in my body, as I submerged myself underneath the hot springs. The pleasure was so incredible that I almost forgot about the man who had brought me there. After I finished my hot spring bath, I received a stone therapy massage. The massage therapist must have ironed out every crook and cranny in my body. By the time she was finished, my muscles felt like loose jello. The Shiatsu spring bath, the waterfall Swiss shower, and stone therapy massage did the trick. I was so relaxed, and smelling so fresh and clean, I wanted to be with myself. But no need for that, when I had a handsomely built Pharaoh waiting for me back in our suite. It was time to head back, I had giving him way too much time to conduct whatever personal business he needed to do.

    By the time I reached our room, my knight was no where to be found. Where could he be? I walked into the bathroom and found it empty, then walked out on the private balcony, and it was empty too. Perhaps he went looking for me I thought. I was gone for a while. Spa treatments were my other obsession. So when it comes to them, I lose myself in the moment and time becomes obsolete in the process. Well, wherever he had gone, one thing was for certain, he would be back. I decided to climb into bed and await his return. An hour had gone by and there was still no sign of him. I was beginning to get sleepy laying in the king size comfort, of the massive luxury bed. Before I knew it, I was nodding off to sleepville. I was in a deep state of sleep when I was awaken by a soft kiss on the backside of my neck. Then another kiss. I felt his breath breathing heavily on the back of my neck. It smelled of strong liquor. I asked him where had he gone. He said, "I decided to go for a drink at the bar". My knight anxiously began fumbling at my panties, "Take them off," he said to me in an annoyed impatient tone. I didn't like the fact that he wanted to jump right into it. I wanted intimacy. I wanted to be held, and I wanted to be told I love you, over and over again. "Can you slow down? Why the rush? I want to take in this moment slowly" I said to him, while gripping my panties in place. "I thought you wanted this?", he said to me. "Haven't I been good to you? When you needed my help, haven't I came through? I need you to be here for me." I didn't like the sound of that. He's making me feel obligated, when I should be willing. And I was willing, until he started acting as if I owed him. "You're starting to upset me", he said. "I traveled all this way to come see you, now you're giving me a hard time?". I was beginning to get nervous. 

    He had turned into the rider on the horse, right before my very eyes. He was on a mission. He forcefully turned me over onto my back while unzipping his pants. He climbed on top of me before I had the chance to react, yanked my panties to the side, and at that moment he was quickly inside of me. He began  jerking back and forth in wild and reckless motions. "How does it feel?! How does it feel?!" he kept repeating over and over into my ears. It felt as if a jagged blade was stabbing me repeatedly, I thought in misery. It was the longest, miserable three minutes I ever experienced in my life. I felt sick to my stomach every time I caught a whiff of the liquor on his breath. His grunting sounds resembled that of a pig eating up slop. That is how he made me feel slop. I shut my eyes tightly, while gasping for air. I started praying that it would all end soon. That's when  he let out a loud moan, as every drop of him oozed out while still inside of me. Then he collapsed on top of me like a ton of bricks. What the hell just happen here?? Tears began swelling up in my eyes, as I asked him to get off of me. This bastard couldn't even wait until I was out of my clothes. "What was that about?" I said to him. I didn't like the way that felt. "What was you expecting?" He said to me."More than this," I said, as my voice began rising at him"Tonight was suppose to be a special moment between you and I, but you took that all away from me". "Look!", he said with tension rising in his voice to match mine, "Maybe that is what you were expecting, but not me! Listen...I want to go to sleep now, I have a meeting on tomorrow. And the way things are going, it look as if  I won't be getting any sleep tonight as long as you are here. So here is what I suggest", he reached for his wallet on the night stand, and took out three crisp twenty dollar bills, "Call yourself a cab." He placed the money between us on the bed, and turned his back to me. "Goodbye". 

    I was stunned. It felt as if someone had just taken a bucket of ice cold water and threw it in my face. He could have at least driven me back home. But he wanted me to take a cab. A cab? The very situation that led me to meet him in the first place. A cab?? The very thing I swore I was through with. A cab???!!!...right back where I started from. My mind went blank. I felt my teeth starting to grit and my heart growing cold and numb. Before I knew it, I was cussing him out. YOU WORTHLESS JERK!!! YOU CREEP!!! I screamed at him. I called him every bad name that I could think of. He sat up in bed, looked at me then said, "Now that you have gotten all the money you could get out of me, I become all these low rated names??! What did you thought I wanted to marry you? Grow up!" He said to me. "Not all relationships end in marriage. I just wanted to have fun and kick it with you. But now since you have bad mouth me, I don't want to have anything else to do with an ingrate like you. I can't be with any woman who bad mouth me. Not now, not ever! Now get the hell out of my room!!". "If you wanted a call girl, your ass should have searched the yellow pages!" I said to him with indignation, as I gathered my things and walked out. I had the concierge phone me a cab. I was broken into a million pieces. He never wanted to be with me in the way I had thought he did. All he was looking for was a good time with no strings attached. "Not all relationships end in marriage" kept replaying in my head over, and over, like a scratched record stuck on the same tune. I cried all the way home in the cab. My Christmas was ruined. I was utterly devastated. 

    He was not going to get away with what he had done to me. I had swore it. He thought he paid now, but he will pay dearly with his life when I get through with him. Even if I had to track him down like a bounty hunter. He's surely going to get what's coming to him. Never violate a woman who has already gone through sexual trauma before, like I had. And he did just that. I was stewing in the color of red, which represented blood and vengeance in my eyes. That night I became pregnant with revenge. 

Written By: LaTarsha Preciado
All Rights Reserved ©


  1. A page turner!!! Addicted To Love is a story that will have you coming back for more!

  2. So sorry for what all you expected for him to be,he seems to me he didn't take you the way thought,all the help he was extending to you turned out to be taken away back to him that night.May be he's used to buying women for his pleasures when he travels for business,he hanged on to you because you didn't give him that chance when you went out with him the first time.Remember he asked you to go with him when he was dropping you off,he used money to rape you.You should've turned him in and face justice.ALL THAT HAPPENED LEFT ALONE,IT'S AN AWESOME READ AND WELL WRITTEN!!!!.

  3. This is a world class story that any one can surely relate to. Mr. Bakari, what could Tasha, the character in the story, done differently? What are your thoughts about the knight, who quickly changed into the rider on the horse? NLGI would love to hear your views on this thought provoking story.

  4. Engaging story. Amazing how things aren't what they seem, nor do they play out how we imagine it would in our minds, especially when intimacy is involved. But one thing struck a cord with me, which was something Tasha hated to hear but was true, not all relationships end in marriage.

  5. Hi Lena!
    So delighted you came for a visit!! What "struck" a cord with you, should strike a cord in a lot of women like Tasha, who put their heart above their head. It is better to pray, and allow God in the process of choosing a mate, than going at it alone. Thanks for the response Lena, glad you enjoyed the story!